Workplace Attitude and Values Enrichment

This program designed to help the employees improve the way they do their work by first having the right mindset and attitudes towards their job and by being aware of and living their corporate and personal values.

Course Highlights

This specially designed “WORK ATTITUDES AND VALUES ENRICHMENT Program” aims to allow the employees t

Understand what we stand for (our values) as an organization

Have greater insight into ourselves and how we affect our co-workers

Reflect and determine how we can contribute to achieving the company vision.

Link personal values with company values

Facilitate the achievement of greater insight into themselves and how they affect the company..

Turn negative into positive, helpful attitudes.

Provide opportunities for knowing others, bonding and fun.

Course Fee

PhP P8,228.00

Who Should Attend?

Course Outline


Facilitators & Technical Speakers


This workshop is highly interactive with group and individual reflective exercises, facilitator-led discussions and immediate applications.


Introduction to Workshop

Expectation Setting and Intro to Workshop Flow by Facilitator (20 mins)

Getting-to-know-you Exercise


• Visioning Exercise

• Discussion on Vision and how we help our company achieve our vision

• Discussion on Values

• Company values activity

• Values discussion (behaviors aligned and misaligned to values)

• Reflection questions on supporting desired values


• Video Case Study on the Importance of ‘Choosing Your Attitude’

• Discussion on How Work Attitude affects Altitude

• Reflection Activity in Knowing Oneself and How their Attitudes Affect Relationships with Others in the Company

• Team Activity in Helping Others get a Bigger Dimension of Themselves and have a better attitude

• Turning negative into positive attitudes

• Personal Action planning: “What Do I Do Differently?”

• Closing Video Case Study on Overcoming Personal Handicaps

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October 22 2020

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December 16 2020


Carmina Roselle P. Bergonia, AICI CIP

Miselle’s vision setting up Icon Image Consulting in 2008 is to provide a tool for persons and organization to learn to improve, craft their own image brand statement, and reach their full potential thru the tools of image consulting.

Her unique background from the corporate world and being an entrepreneur with a passion of art, fashion, and beauty, give her sessions a practical and current methodology to image enhancement and business etiquette. Her own self-discovery and journey have helped fuel her passion in business and in coaching organizations and individuals. Truly, Miselle understands the difficulty in the energy and balance one has to make in order to achieve your maximum potential in your career. What Miselle has discovered and learned in her personal life is that an authentic and inspiring image will be one of the tools to help you get to your dreams and make a difference.

Being in business and finishing her MBA, Miselle’s programs are anchored on the person being the core of the company’s brand and culture. A trait that her clients choose to have in selecting a training partner and which keep her individual makeover consults and learning programs authentic, professional, and inspiring.

Miselle received her training and certification from the Foundation Image course with the prestigious Academy of Image Mastery, Singapore and her Advanced Image Mastery course from the London Image Institute.

Miselle is one out of two Filipinos that have received the prestigious – Certified Image Professional certification from the Association of Image Consultants International.