Upgrading Course on Blocklaying & Plastering Techniques for Construction Masons ( In-house Training )

A 2-day seminar/workshop designed for existing masons of concrete masonry units aimed at enhancing their knowledge, skills, and attitude in the proper performance of their job in accordance with industry standards and practices. It was developed to serve as a guide for target participants with the hope of promoting quality, safety and improving their productivity.

Course Highlights

At the end of the seminar, the participants shall be able to;

Prepare mixtures used for block laying & surface plastering using power mixers;

Fabricate/install masonry reinforcement;

Lay blocks for structure, both in the running bond and stack bond;

Prepare concrete/masonry surfaces for plastering;

Plaster concrete/masonry surfaces using both manual and machine application (e.g., plaster pumps);

Inspect their work prior to final inspection by the engineer;

Conduct clean-up work

Course Fee


Who Should Attend?

Existing Masons with basic knowledge on CHB laying & plastering

Course Outline


Facilitators & Technical Speakers