Trainers' Training and Certification Program

The Construction Manpower Development Foundation (CMDF) in coordination with the
Makati Development Corporation (MDC) formulated the Makati Development Corporation
Trainers Certification Program (MDC-TCP) which is designed to train, evaluate, and certify MDC Trainors as effective, competent and qualified trainers. This program will guarantee effective and dynamic trainers with increased skills in delivering quality construction workshops and training future MDC Project Managers and Supervisors.
MDC-TCP shall be comprised of two tracks namely: (1) MDC Trainers Training Program
wherein participants will be given modules to give them necessary tools to enhance training delivery and; (2) MDC Trainor Assessment and Certification in which the participants who completed the MDC Trainers Training will be given written and practical examinations to measure their understanding and application of the subject matter. CMDF will assign a MDC-TCP Critiquing / Coaching Committee in Construction to give feedback and assessment of each individual. It shall comprise of the CMDF Chairman, CMDF Executive Director, CMDF-CACD Representative and the Philippine Constructors Association President or his designated representative.

After achieving the MDC-TCP, participant will receive a certificate of completion as well as
be certified as a MDC Trainor. They shall also be entitled to be in the roster of certified MDC Trainers in the Construction Industry Registration System.

Course Highlights

At the end of this program, participants will become certified trainers and must be able to:

Define and explain the learning process.

Identify which Teaching Method is appropriate depending on the seminar needs.

Interpret and manage conduct of training with adult participants.

Determine and effectively use the different instructional media.

Conceptualize and conduct a training lesson.

Evaluate and give feedback to adult participants of MDC seminar-workshops

Course Fee

PhP 23,680.00

Who Should Attend?

MDC Trainers

Course Outline


Facilitators & Technical Speakers

Registration and Orientation

Track 1: MDC Trainers Training Program

The Learning Process

- Basic Concepts About Learning

- Stimulus Response Theory

- Learning Accelerators vs. Decelerators

- The Three (3) Laws of Learning


Teaching Methods

- Overview of Common Methods of Teaching

- The Trade Talk or Lecturette Practice Trade Talk

- The Four-Step Method of Instructing

- The Lecture Method - The Demonstration Method

Trainor Games: Energizers, Brain-Teasers, Activities, and Simulations

Motivation and Adult Learning

- Characteristics of Adult in General

- Principles and Conditions of Adult Learning

Selection of and Using Instructional Media

- Criteria and Selection of Good Teaching Aids and the Steps in Using Them

- Powerpoint presentation

Objective and Lesson Plan Design

- Selecting and Stating the Topic of the Lesson/Task to Teach

- Preparing Task Breakdown or Sub-Headings of a Knowledge Lesson

- Preparing the Appropriate Lesson Plan for the Mini-Teaching Session

Post Evaluation Report Writing

- Quantitative and Qualitative Aspects and Analysis

Mini-Teaching Design and Preparation

- Reviewing the Teaching Preparation Checklist

- Preparing/Completing Required Teaching Aids

- Setting Up the Teaching Venue

Mini-Teaching Sessions/Practices

- Evaluation Criteria for Practice

- Instruction of Mini-Teaching

- Integration of Results of Conduct of the Course

TRACK 2: MDC Trainor Assessment and Certification

Written Examinations

- MDC-Training Certification Program

- Learning Process

- Teaching Methods

- Motivational and Adult Learning

- Selection of and Using Instructional Media

MDC Trainor Assessment

- Evaluation of Individual Curriculum and Lesson

- Evaluation of Trainor Presentation through MDC- TCP Critique / Coaching Committee

January 20 2020

5 days (20 to 24)

February 17 2020

5 days (17 to 21)

March 16 2020

5 days (16 to 20)

March 30 2020

5 days (Mar. 30,31, Apr. 1 to 3)

May 18 2020

5 days (18 to 22)

June 22 2020

5 days (22 to 26)

July 13 2020

5 days (13 to 17)

August 10 2020

5 days (10 to 14)

September 14 2020

5 days (14 to 18)

October 12 2020

5 days (12 to 16)

November 16 2020

5 days (16 to 20)

December 1 2020

5 days (1 to 5)


Mr. Dindo Uy