Supervising Heavy Equipment Operations During Construction (In-house Training)

The course is designed for two days, 25% lecture and 75% practicum to give the
trainee the knowledge and skills on:
- The safety practices observed on the job site.
- Proper attitude and technique in operating the equipment productively.
Heavy Equipment Operation Courses are the following;
1. Bulldozer
2. Motor Grader
3. Hydraulic Excavator
4. Wheel Loader
5. Forklift
6. Dump Truck

Course Highlights

At the end of the course, the trainee must be able to:

Perform the skills in conducting daily check and maintenance.

Perform the skill in operating the bulldozer productively.

Observe safety in operating the equipment.

Course Fee


Who Should Attend?

Course Outline


Facilitators & Technical Speakers

 Orientation

 Training proper:

1. Introduction to earthmoving equipment

2. Engine system & accessories

3. Power train

4. Safety

5. Daily check & maintenance, periodic maintenance

6. Equipment parts identification

7. Basic & productive operation