Motor Tests and Control Supervisors Course (In-house Training)

This is a 3-day seminar workshop designed for engineers to
upgrade their supervisory skills and knowledge in Motor Test and
Controls. The course consists of lecture/discussion and workshop
covering the principles of operation of induction motors, the
connection of different types of motors to the desired voltage and
rotation, and testing necessary for the motor before the operation.

Course Highlights

At the end of this seminar, the participants shall be able to;

Identify the different types of control devices, its parts and functions.

Know the Principles of operation of induction motors.

Connect different types of motors to the desired voltage and rotation.

Perform different types of testing before motor operation

Install Full Voltage Magnetic Starting Methods

Troubleshoot control circuits for Magnetic Starters

Course Fee


Who Should Attend?

Electrical Supervisors

Electrical project engineers

Electrical engineering graduates

Course Outline


Facilitators & Technical Speakers