Millennial Leadership

The challenge is that leadership theories and books were written by the Boomers for the Gen Xers. So, the Gen X are leading now as how they are taught. How do we now coach millennials to lead in this dynamic business environment? They are not the next generation. They are generation of leaders now. Do the same theories and practices apply? Some definitely do. But definitely the game has changed.

Course Highlights

Embrace the strengths and vision of molding the millennials to be the generation now leaders. It is

The program MILLENIAL LEADERSHIP will share 5 core points to help the individual thrive in the at wo

Course Fee

PhP P 8,228.00

includes 2 snacks and lunch, certificate

Who Should Attend?

HR/OD/Training practitioners and consultants

Organizational leaders

Business owners

People in the organization that have high potential

Course Outline


Facilitators & Technical Speakers

Program Outline:


  1. ABCDE of millennial leadership – the stars of millennial leadership
  2. Qualities of a millennial leader – discover the qualities of millennial leaders
  3. Your Story and Your Vision – the importance of recognizing your story as a way to establish your vision
  4. Value and Strengths based – work on your vision using your core values and strengths
  5. Make it practical – discover and define your personal brand to create an impact and influence people in the real world

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Miselle is a Certified Image Professional. She is also the Vice President for Operations and HR of PamavTech.

As a certified image professional, Miselle has conducted learning programs for Top 1,000 corporations in the Philippines and several government agencies. Her aim is to use the tools of image consulting, to help smoothen the implementation of business strategy and help achieve successful business results.

Her programs have been rated fun, lively, effective by her participants. Her clients have preferred her programs because of her realistic, practical and highly professional approach.