Managing Generations in the Workplace from Boomers to Bloggers

Have you experienced frustration that you don’t seem to get how the older or the younger generation work? If you want to find ways of understanding, working, communicating and thriving in this unique work landscape, find out in this program!

Course Highlights

Understnading the different generations

Blending in the workplace

Coaching and mentoring millenials

Course Fee

PhP 8,288.00

Who Should Attend?

High potential employees

Leaders and managers

Persons who seek a higher level in the organization

Course Outline


Facilitators & Technical Speakers

I. Understanding different generations
a. Boomers, GenX, Gen Y, Millenials
b. Work ethics
c. Attitude at work
d. Motivation at work
II. Blending in the workplace
a. Integrating employee engagement
b. Managing personality traits
III. Coaching and mentoring millenials
a. Coaching vs. mentoring
b. Coaching techniques
IV. Preparing for the next generation (Gen Z)

January 10 2020

February 11 2020

March 10 2020

April 20 2020

May 11 2020

June 5 2020

July 15 2020

August 17 2020

September 8 2020

October 7 2020

November 9 2020

December 7 2020


Carmina “Miselle” Bergonia, MBA, AICI CIP

Miselle is the Vice President for Operations and
Human Resource and also the Quality
Management System Representative for
ISO 9001:2015 for the Peñalosa Group of
Companies. She is also the owner of Icon
Image Consulting.
Miselle is passionate about helping people
reach their full potential. Which has led her to her chosen specialty
in professional development as a Certified Image Professional. Miselle
is one out of three Filipinos that have received the prestigious –
Certified Image Professional certification from the Association of
Image Consultants International.
Her unique background, gives her sessions a practical and current
methodology to her learning programs. Being in business and
finishing her MBA, Miselle’s programs are anchored on the person
being the core of the company’s brand and culture. This is a trait that
her clients’ choose to have in selecting a training provider or speaker
and which keep her training sessions authentic, lively and
Miselle has conducted workshops and coaching sessions for The
Office of the President in Malacanan, Land Bank of the Philippines,
Department of Health, Commission on Audit, Globe Telecom, Ayala
Property and Management Corp, Alveo, GF and Partners Architects,
Metrobank Credit Cards, Citibank, and Unilab to name a few.
Education: Masters in Business Administration, Ateneo Graduate
School of Business
Training and Certification:
Certified Image Professional, Association of Image Consultants
Image Consultant, Academy of Image Mastery & London Image
Color Analysis and Stylist, Style Core California
Professional Make-Up, Make-Up Design Academy
Lego Serious Play Facilitator, Rasumssen Consulting, Denmark and
President-Elect, Association of Image Consultants International
(Philippine Chapter)
Vice President for Education and Events, Association of Image
Consultants International (Philippine Chapter)