Managing a Multi Generation Workforce

The workforce now can be a source of stress or innovation. What is your organization going thru? Let us help turn the misunderstanding and stress to a workforce that can work in harmony for continuous improvement - together!

Course Highlights

By the end of this course, the participants shall be able to:

• Define the different work habits, attitudes and traits of different generations

• Adjust communication techniques according to each generation

• Address situations using coaching techniques

Course Fee

PhP P8,228.00

Who Should Attend?

Trainers, learning and development members, HR, facilitators, consultants, managers and leaders

Course Outline


Facilitators & Technical Speakers


Module 1: Training House Rules

Module 2: Introduction

Module 3: Course Objectives

Module 4: Define the different work habits, attitudes and traits of different generations

                   a. Baby Boomers

                   b. Gen X

                   c. Gen Y/Millenials

                   d. Gen Z

Module 5: Adjust communication techniques according to each generation

                   a. Sandwich technique

                   b. Personality types and effective communication techniques 

Module 6: Coaching Techniques

                   a. GROW model

                   b. Civility solution

Module 7: Integration


Carmina Roselle P. Bergonia, AICI CIP

Miselle’s vision setting up Icon Image Consulting in 2008 is to provide a tool for persons and organization to learn to improve, craft their own image brand statement, and reach their full potential thru the tools of image consulting.
Her unique background from the corporate world and being an entrepreneur with a passion of art, fashion, and beauty, give her sessions a practical and current methodology to image enhancement and business etiquette. Her own self-discovery and journey have helped fuel her passion in business and in coaching organizations and individuals. Truly, Miselle understands the difficulty in the energy and balance one has to make in order to achieve your maximum potential in your career. What Miselle has discovered and learned in her personal life is that an authentic and inspiring image will be one of the tools to help you get to your dreams and make a difference.

Katherine G. dela Paz

Katherine G. dela Paz is a registered nurse since 2007, but due to limited opportunities working as a nurse in the Philippines, she was given the wonderful opportunity to share her knowledge and skills in training centers instead.
She was molded as an educator who handled not only medical-related courses but also personality development that aimed to increase one’s self-worth and dignity.
Her competence has been demonstrated to various companies like Asia Pacific Caregiver and Healthcare Training Center—worked as the coordinator and a trainer for 7 years.