Foremanship Training Certification Program

The Construction Manpower Development Foundation (CMDF) formulated the Foremanship Training Certification Program (FTCP) which is designed to develop competent construction foremen. During this course the participants will learn the roles and responsibilities of a foreman. In addition, they will learn how to: create an effective work team, supervise work, communicate effectively, apply problem-solving skills, document and maintain records, maintain labor-management relations, measure work productivity, plan and schedule work, implement a safety and environmental program, and ensure the quality of construction project.

FTCP shall be comprised of two tracks namely: (1) Foremanship Training Certification
Program wherein participants will be given modules to give them the necessary tools to
enhance their skills in labor management, effective work supervision and; (2) Foremanship Certification in which the participants who completed the Foremanship Training and Certification will be given written and practical examinations to measure their understanding and application of the subject matter. CMDF will assign a FTCP Panel in Construction to give feedback and assessment of each individual. It shall comprise of expert representative from the construction industry and the Philippine Constructors Association (PCA) President or his designated representative.

After achieving the FTCP, the participant will receive a certificate of completion as well as be certified Foreman. They shall also be entitled to be in the roster of Certified Foreman in the Construction Industry Registration System.

Course Highlights

At the end of this program, participants will become certified foremen and must be able to:

Define and analyze the foreman’s role in construction site.

Acquire the knowledge and skills of a construction foreman

Identify root causes of problems encountered in the project and provide best solutions.

Identify root causes of problems encountered in the project and provide best solutions.

Ensure safety and zero accident in construction site

Course Fee

PhP 23,680.00

includes snacks, workbook, training materials and certificate

Who Should Attend?


Foreman Supervisor

Course Outline


Facilitators & Technical Speakers

Registration and Orientation 

Track 1: Foremanship Training Certification Program

The Construction Foreman

- Responsibilities

- Requirements

- Attitude

Creating an Effective Work Team/ Work Supervision

- Teamwork and Collaboration

- Handling Conflict

- Communicating Effectively

- Motivating and Engaging Employees

- Daily Work Supervision

- Analyzing Behavioral Differences/Personality Traits

- 4 Types and Employees

- 20 Signs of Disengagement

- Difference Between Group and Team

- Team Categories

- Developing Effective Team Players

- Leadership– 13 Behaviors of High Trust Leaders

Communication, Administration and Reporting

- Communication in the Workplace

- Effective Work Communication

- Three Main Forms of Communication

Motivation and Adult Learning

- Characteristics of Adult in General

- Principles and Conditions of Adult Learning

Problem Solving and Decision Making

- Problem Prevention and Anticipation

- Steps in Problem Solving

- Problem Solving Action Flow

- Avoiding Pitfalls

- Tools in Problem Solving

- Ishikawa/ Fishbone Diagram

- Brainstorming or Team Discussion

- 5 Whys

*Documentation/ Reporting and Records Keeping

- Documentation/ Reporting

- Records Keeping/ Filing of Records

Labor management Relations

Productivity Measurements

- Productivity

- Accountability of Foreman

- Measurements/Quantifying Gains and Loss Productivity

- Productivity Tracking and Record Keeping Pre

-Construction Planning

- Pre-Construction Planning Requirements

- Pre-construction Planning Steps

*Planning and Scheduling

- Translating Work Requirements into Work Plan

- Overcoming Work Challenges

- Monitoring Daily Goals

Safety and Environmental Management

- Knowing and Understanding Requirements of the OSHA/DOLE and the Project

- Communicating and Ensuring Compliance

- Facilitating Mandatory Tool Box Meetings

- Ensuring Completion of Safety and Environmental Assessments

- Participating in Safety/Incident Investigations and Reporting

Quality Management

- On-site assessment prior to commencing of work addressing quality concerns

- Overseeing work execution ensuring crew works to job specifications and follows the

- Inspection and Testing Plan (ITP) requirements

- Inspecting and measuring completed work

TRACK 2: Foremanship Training Certification


- Foremanship Training Certification Program

Foremanship Assessment/ Interview

- Written Examination

- Panel Interview

January 6 2020

5 days (6 to 10)

February 3 2020

5 days (3 to 7)

March 2 2020

5 days (2 to 6)

April 13 2020

5 days (13 to 17)

May 4 2020

5 days (4 to 8)

June 1 2020

5 days (1 to 5)

July 6 2020

5 days (6 to 10)

August 3 2020

5 days (3 to 7)

September 7 2020

5 days (7 to 11)

October 5 2020

5 days (5 to 9)

November 9 2020

5 days (9 to 15)

December 7 2020

5 days (7 to 11)