Enhance Construction Manager's Training and Certification Program

In an effort to keep the construction industry, through its engineers, abreast of the most
efficient construction methodologies and management tools, CMDF developed the
Enhanced Construction Managers’ Training and Certification Program (ECOMTCP). The
program is centered to support the government’s vision to accelerate the provision of safe, efficient, reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable infrastructure projects.

Introducing the ECOMTCP would not only be opportune as the Philippine construction
industry ushers in the ‘Golden Age’ of infrastructure but a practical answer to the growing
demand for competent, certified construction project managers. With P 8.2 trillion allotted
budget for infrastructure development for the next six years, the role of competent
construction project managers in ensuring efficient project delivery cannot be

Course Highlights

At the end of this program, participants will become certified trainers and must be able to:

Define and explain the learning process.

Identify which Teaching Method is appropriate depending on the seminar needs.

Interpret and manage conduct of training with adult participants.

Determine and effectively use the different instructional media.

Conceptualize and conduct a training lesson.

Evaluate and give feedback to adult participants of MDC seminar-workshops

Course Fee

PhP 51,180.00

includes snacks, workbook, training materials and certificate

Who Should Attend?

MDC Trainers

Course Outline


Facilitators & Technical Speakers

Technical Module

A. Fundamentals of Construction

1. Construction Materials

2. Testing Standards

3. Plan Reading

4. Awareness on National Building Code

5. Construction Project Organizational Structure


B. Construction Methods


C. Construction Project Planning

1. Cost Estimation

2. Construction Scheduling


D. Construction Project Tendering Managerial

Module A. Introduction to Construction Project Management

1. Project Conceptualization and Bidding

2. Post-award and Pre-construction

3. Construction

4. Post-construction and Evaluation

B. Task Force Formation

C. Case Assignments

1. Horizontal Construction

2. Vertical Construction

3. Industrial Complex

Presentation: Conceptual Construction Project Execution Plan (PEP)

a. Horizontal PEP

b. Vertical PEP

c. Industrial PEP

Presentation: Detailed Construction Project Execution Plan (PEP)

a. Horizontal PEP

b. Vertical PEP

c. Industrial PEP

D. Pre-construction activities and Flow of Communications

E. Managing Resources

F. Managing Costs and Profits

G. Project Monitoring

H. Post-Construction and Evaluation



A. Construction Laws, Codes, and Regulations

B. Contract Preparation and Negotiation

C. Contract Management

D. Introduction to Mediation and Arbitration

E. Case Discussions: Legal and Contractual Issues


Human Relations Module

A. Opening Exercises

B. The Big Picture

1. The Concept of Managing and Leading

2. Two Dimensional Model of Effectiveness and Efficiency

C. Leading from Within

1. The Johari Window

2. Hardwired Birth Gifts: Choice, Principles, 4 Intelligences

3. Pro-activity Process

D. Leading Others

1. Leadership Style

2. Emotional Bank Account

3. Facilitation Skills

E. Leading the Workplace

1. Time Management

2. Empowerment Skills

3. The Third Alternative F. Integration / Closure Value Engineering Module

A. Value Analysis (Cost Control) and Function Analysis System Technique (FAST)

B. Budget Analysis and Budgeting Techniques

C. Life Cycle Costing

January 28 2019

10 days training

February 5 2019

10 days training

March 5 2019

10 days training

April 1 2019

10 days training

May 7 2019

10 days training

June 4 2019

10 days training