Competency Based and Hands On Training On Power Quality and Harmonics

The distribution code defines power quality as the quality of the voltage, including its frequency, and the resulting current, that are measured in the Distribution System during normal conditions. Since Power Quality issues affects every consumer in the Grid, the Code dictates standards that to be followed and measured at the point of common

The increasing demand and applications of non-linear load in industries nowadays greatly affects the quality of the
power system. Unfortunately, most of the older electrical designs of industries have no anticipation for these kinds
of loads. Nuisance tripping and unplanned downtimes in industrial and commercial establishments greatly affect
production and contribute a great economical loss.
The stability of power system and mitigations of power quality problems now lies on the hands of Engineering
Team and Maintenance personnel. This technical training will guide maintenance engineers and improve their
technical know-how on how to deal with the power quality issues.


At the end of the program, the participants will be able to:
• Familiarize with the different power quality issues and perspectives.
• Identify different power quality problems.
• Specify solutions for a particular power quality problem.
• Understand the cause and effect of harmonics to electrical system.
• Identify the ways to mitigate the effects of harmonics.
• Design a harmonic filter.
• Specify the transformer K factor rating.
• Understand the usage of power quality analyzer

Course Fee

PhP 12,100

includes snacks, workbook, CPD points, training materials and certificate of attendance

Who Should Attend?

This course will enhance the understanding and increase competencies for:

• Electrical Engineers

• Engineering department staff

• Test engineers

• Cadet engineers

• Substation engineers

• Engineering faculty members

Course Outline


Facilitators & Technical Speakers

DAY 1 (8 hours)



Renewed Awareness

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Power Quality Problem

Voltage Limits Allowed by ERC

End-User Perception

Utility Perception

Power Quality Issues

End-User Concerns

Utility Concerns

Equipment Manufacturer’s Concern

Ideal Voltage or Current Waveform

Voltage or Current Deviation



Impulsive Transient

Oscillatory Transient



Sustained Power Interruption

Momentary Power Interruption

Short Duration Power Interruption

Voltage Sag

Voltage Swell

Voltage Imbalance

Voltage Fluctuation

Harmonic Distortion

Voltage Variation Computation

Voltage Unbalance Computation



Motor Generator Sets

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Ferroresonant Transformers Or Constant Voltage Transformer

Dynamic Voltage Restorer

Static VAR Compensator

Isolation Transformers and Reactors (chokes)

Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS)

Line Voltage Regulators

Harmonic Filters


Lightning Protection

Surge Protection

Power Quality Meter

Power Quality Analyzer


DAY 2 (8 hours)




Definition of Terms

Sources of Harmonic Currents

Effects of Harmonics

System Response Characteristics

Resonance Conditions

Control of Harmonic Currents

Analysis Methods

Design of Harmonic Filter

Derating of Power Equipment 

Power Failures Due To Harmonics

K Factor Rating of Transformer



January 14 2020


February 19 2020


March 25 2020


April 15 2020


May 27 2020


June 16 2020


July 16 2020


August 10 2020


September 1 2020


October 1 2020


November 12 2020


December 10 2020



Engr. Eduardo M. Pabuna, Jr. REE

Engr. Pabuna has 15 years of experience in electrical design simulations, power system studies and substation testing, that makes Engr. Pabuna an experienced electrical professional and facilitator for this program. He is also a resource speaker for various international and local conferences/seminars such as IIEE, Meralco and ABB to name a few. His engineering practice also involves supply, installation, testing and commissioning for major clients like National Power Corporation, Cebu-Mactan Interconnection project, Lafarge Cement, Clark Substation NGCP Project, San Miguel Corporation and various electric cooperatives. Engr. Pabuna is currently the Engineering Head of WESTCO Electrical and Equipment Corp.

Engr. Alex Castro, REE

Engr. Castro’s exposure to testing of substation apparatus such as power transformers, potential transformers, current transformers, circuit breakers, disconnect switches and surge arresters equip him with the technical knowledge and experience to share in his seminars. His experience also
comes from Meralco Industrial Engineering Services Corp. as a Project Supervisor. He is currently the Section Head of the Engineering department for WESTCO Electrical and Equipment Corp.

Vincent Jason V. Peñalosa Certified Infrared Thermographer Level 1 No. 2012PH19N013

Vincent Peñalosa, also known as Jek received his Level 1 Certification on Thermography thru Infrared Training Center of Sweden, Stockholm. He has provided his expertise and consultation for companies like TV5 Reliance, Wyeth Philippines, US Embassy Manila, Glaxo-SmithKline, PiLMICO, The Medical City, St. Lukes Global City, Nestle Philippines, and Purefoods to name a few.

Vincent also serves as the Sales & Marketing Manager for WESTCO Electrical & Equipment Corp., a technical services company dealing with power asset maintenance, testing, engineering, power quality, and electrical safety solutions. He graduated top of his class in the 14th Marketing Diploma Program at the Ateneo CCE in 2013.

Before joining WESTCO, Vincent was lecturer and consultant for ABS-CBN, TV5, and GMA 7 for the pre and post-production. He is a Digidesign Certified Pro Tools Music Operator, and a Digidesign Certified Pro Tools Post Production Operator. This certification is one of only 4 in Asia, the 1st in the Philippines, and only one of 200 certified all across the globe.