Coaching for Performance

This course is designed to assist the supervisor/leader on the effective way of coaching. This will heighten his understanding about self-awareness, and how this aspect will guide him in establishing trust and professional relationship with the learners. Coaching Model and Coaching Concepts are also included in this program to aid the supervisor on conducting coaching sessions efficiently, hence improving the learner’s task performance.

Course Highlights

After the program, the participants will be able to:

• define what Coaching is

• enumerate the importance of Coaching

• identify Concepts in Coaching

• demonstrate key Coaching Skills

Course Fee

PhP 8,228.00

Who Should Attend?

Supervisor/leader who coaches or leads individuals or teams.

Course Outline


Facilitators & Technical Speakers

I.    Training House Rules

II.   Introduction- Getting-to-know-you activity & Expectation Setting

III.  Discuss Course Objectives

IV.   What is Coaching?

       a)      Multiple Benefits of Coaching

       b)     Fundamental Coaching Skills

V.    The Coaching Funnel

       a)      Goal Setting using S.M.A.R.T. format

       b)     Probing Questions  

       c)      Options

       d)     Decision-making

       e)      Action Planning

VI.   Coaching Concepts

       a)      Adult Learning Principles

       b)     4 Cs of Coaching

VII.  Practice- Triage Coaching

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February 6 2019

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June 5 2019

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August 5 2019

September 2 2019


Katherine G. dela Paz PhRN

Katherine G. dela Paz is a registered nurse since 2007, but due to limited opportunities working as a nurse, she was given the wonderful opportunity to share her knowledge and skills in training center instead. She was molded as an educator who handled not only medical-related courses but also personality development: that aimed to increase ones self-worth and dignity.

Her competence has been demonstrated to various companies like Asia Pacific Caregiver and Healthcare Training Center—worked as the Coordinator and a Trainer for 7 years, she also shared her expertise in different BPO centers as support: STREAM GLOBAL, SYKES, Asia Inc., TELUS International Philippines—as a Learning Services Specialist and as Operations Team Lead. At the moment, she is the Training Center Manager at one of the prestigious training centers in the city—PAMAV Training Institute and Technology Center Incorporated.