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Hands-On Competency Based Training In Insulation Power Factor For Powertransformer

This 24-hour practical course provides you with methods and procedures used internationally. Predictive, periodic or condition based (on line diagnostics and monitoring) maintenance are basic methodologies in substation maintenance. The course is for...

Technical Programs

Competency Based and Hands On Training On Power Quality and Harmonics

The distribution code defines power quality as the quality of the voltage, including its frequency, and the resulting current, that are measured in the Distribution System during normal conditions. Since Power Quality issues affects every consumer in...

Technical Programs

Thermal Imaging

Seminar will focus on the following:

• Applications and benefits of infrared technology in electrical installations
• Thermal Imaging Concepts
• Practical interpretation of results, images, and targets
• Practical approach to non-invasive ma...

Technical Programs

Protective Relaying

Protective Relaying is a vital part of any electric power system: quite unnecessary during normal operation but very important during trouble, faults and abnormal disturbances. Protective Relaying can be considered a vertical specialty with a horizon...

Technical Programs

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

Course Background:

Every year there are more than 3,000 disabling contact injuries resulting from preventable
electrical accidents in the workplace? Did you know that electrical accidents are 10 to 30 times more fatal compared to other workplace ...

Technical Programs

Electrical System Protection and Coordination

Power System Analyses are an essential part of electrical power system design. Load flow analysis, short circuit analysis, and protection coordination are necessary to verify that the electrical system including the system components, are correctly s...

Soft Skills Program

Technical Writing

This program will strengthen the writer’s skill to
construct progress reports, proposals and recommendation reports in a precise,
clear and objective manner.

Soft Skills Program

Executive Image

Learn more about Executive presence and imaging at PAMAV

Soft Skills Program

Call Handling Skills

After the program, the participants will be able to:

• know how to speak with confidence
• define what assertive communication is
• identify what the customer expects from a service
• apply competent call handling skills
• know the importance ...