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The technical writing course will teach the participant to define the correct parts of reports, project proposals, feasibility studies, and official documents. It will demonstrate the right structure of documents and modification of grammar. The technical documents the participants will have power and impact. This is ideal for project engineers use me and technical personnel
The leadership development course and supervisory skills program will improve high potential personnel to guide them in planning, leading, organizing, and control. The leadership concepts will be defined and practiced through case studies. Practical application will be done through analysis and review actual organizational practices in the workplace. The unique idea of this program is through professional coaching for each participant that enables to curate potentials. The wholistic leadership program ensures results of the program measured to be effective for the long term
The executive image development program will help participants define internal qualifications character and core values through appearance, behavior and communication. The goal of the program is to coach leaders of the organization to be trusted and credible persons anchored on the core values of the organization. This is usually seen in their dress code policy, style, behavior in official business and customer interaction.
The customer service program will help companies improve the customer experience journey through identifying critical interaction in the customer experience. The participants will feel empowered, motivated, confident to provide excellent value to customers. The customer service program will end with the defined customer service journey map, customer service standards and ways to address complaints or difficult customers.
The Lego serious play is a unique program. The program uses Lego bricks to uncover discuss, brainstorm, and come up with innovative ideas that can answer difficult questions using that process and methodology of the Lego serious play. This unique program integrates critical thinking, creativity, communication, and teamwork. It is truly serious play.
The visual brand story definition with help the company’s image connected to their brand philosophy. The brand philosophy is felt through each employees appearance behavior and communication this is our unique program to make your brand stand out your people memorable and the customer experience magical.
The business etiquette an and protocol program will help prepare high potential employees sales people office based personnel to deal with customers you seeing the rules of etiquette, civility, courtesy, cultural etiquette and protocol. This program will give elegance and substance to the employees and companies way of doing things.
The Positivity in crisis program aims to identify the causes of stress and anxiety among so organization discover ways 2 determine and create positive even at stressful times. It helps them manage time, stress and still look forward to productivity and purpose.
Change is the only thing constant change management program will help the company leaders and personnel identify learning strategies that will address the business environment needs the change management program will also provide the participants a strategic map to plan the same implement and measure the effectiveness of change management
The management development planning program aims to help organizations and Human resource practitioners to develop leaders within the organization. The program will define the components of an effective management development, plan ways to identify high potentials, enumerate ways to construct a succession plan, evaluate and measure the monitoring an effectiveness of the management development and succession plan
The facilitation skills program will help persons that need to present, conduct a meetin, conduct a training, or persuade customers. It will define the elements of facilitation, it will allow participants to apply the elements, and engage the listeners to achieve their goals in their meeting or training facilitation.
The train the trainer program is for human resource practitioners, learning and development personnel, technical subject matter experts, that conduct formal or informal learning programs. The program will define the resources that need to be prepared, how to conduct a training program, prepare a training or learning needs analysis, how to develop your training plan, define effective presentation skills, designing structured learning exercises, managing a class online or face to face, making assessments, and evaluation of learning effectiveness


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A full payment is required PRIOR the training thru bank deposit, cash, or company check. Participants without full payment will not be able to receive a certificate and CPD points. The certificate and CPD points
will only be given and credited upon receipt of full payment.

Upon completion and submission of the registration form, settle the program fee thru the following bank:

East West Bank (San Mateo Branch)

 Account Number: 2000 13096855

TIN: 241-993-575-000